SpyCam Paris – Louvre, Paris Games Week, Around the City

These pictures were taken when I was in Paris for Paris Games Week, just before the recent attacks. I debated whether to post them, but after some thought, I’ve decided to. I don’t… Continue reading

My (Working) E3 Survival Kit – What to Pack and Bonus What to Wear

Remember when Forbes raised eyebrows with this article about what to wear to E3? This isn’t that article. Or remember this odd one from Kotaku that encouraged pencils and starting a blog with… Continue reading

Vlog – All the water I’ve seen in places it shouldn’t be, with smartass comments.

The Best Worst Dressed of Early 2015 (Met Gala, MTV Awards, Oscars, ect.)

All the┬átimes when people writing “Worst Dressed” lists had head-in-ass, compiled for your viewing pleasure. Bai Ling’s Dragon Dress at 2015 MTV Music Awards Daily Mail was among several sites to list Bai… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – World of Warcraft Expansion and PSN Cards

This just in: I’m back on the WoW. This haul includes a couple of things.. I had a Best Buy card with five bucks on it, and a rebate card from when I… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (PS4)

Another backlog post in the interest of catching up! This acquisition is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for PS4. This one is a unique category – not quite a purchase of a gift –… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Guild Wars 2 Guide Book

Holy shit I am behind on this. I’m so behind I’m getting into the risk zone for forgetting some things – that is, more things than my FFVIV subscription which I forget about… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Life is Strange Season Pass

  I initially just bought the first episode of Life is Strange – I guess I was being tentative. I quickly realized though, that I was on that ride and staying there. When… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Catch up – PS Plus and Orcs Must Die Pax Scarf

I’m behind, again, to brace for incoming semi-spam of posts. First off, here’s a photo that I seem to have lost in the recesses of my phone gallery and neglected to post.. Another… Continue reading


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