Video Game Visibility Project – Life is Strange Season Pass

  I initially just bought the first episode of Life is Strange – I guess I was being tentative. I quickly realized though, that I was on that ride and staying there. When… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Catch up – PS Plus and Orcs Must Die Pax Scarf

I’m behind, again, to brace for incoming semi-spam of posts. First off, here’s a photo that I seem to have lost in the recesses of my phone gallery and neglected to post.. Another… Continue reading


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Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at Perot Museum, Dallas ( #PerotMuseum )

If I visit a museum, and I’m not allowed to take pictures of it, did I still visit a museum? I’ve been grappling with that question, and also with the question of whether… Continue reading

Every Hotel Room

About a year ago, I realized that work travel was going to become a part of life for me. While it was all still new and exciting, I decided to take a photo… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project: Dragon Age and PS4 – Catching up from Christmas

Complete with dork face, here’s me with some Christmas loot that I neglected to post. That’s Dragon Age, and a PS4 in the back. Both were gifts. After the merry Christmas Playstation Network… Continue reading

The “Secret” Bowman Cemetery

There is a secret cemetery in my neighborhood. It’s not actually secret, but the first time I accidentally found it, it seemed like it was. I was running randomly in the dark, listening… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project: Life is Strange

  I forgot Life is Strange Episode 1 was coming out. So right when I was feeling confident in my lack of need for new games.. I pretty much had to buy it.… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project: Carpe Fulgur Collection on Steam Sale

Well, Steam sales got me again. I’m dispensing with the format that I had been using for these, because I’ve found that in many cases, it doesn’t cause me to reveal anything interesting.… Continue reading

Makeup from Other Countries Video – Kiko, Sleek, BeYu

  Products shown in video are: Kiko Milano BB Cream in 02 Kiko Milano Smart Lipstick in 923 Sleek Makeup Matte Lipstick in Heartbreaker BeYu Lipstick in 46   And some bonus photos:… Continue reading