Good Design, Even When It’s Not For Me

  Getting my degree did about two important things for me. The second of these is that school instilled in me a respect for design that transcends my own taste. Sometimes I have… Continue reading

The Anti-Anti List for February 19, 2014

The other day I listened to Beck’s new album. I was obsessed with Beck circa age 15. I lost touch a little in the Midnight Vultures era, but later realized that I get… Continue reading

Cheap Geek Fashion Alert – Marvel Comics

Burlington Coat Factory currently has in a selection of Marvel tee shirts. I saw several “group” designs, a vintage style Amazing Spiderman, and a Thor body suit. Shirt styles included long and 3/4… Continue reading

29 Things I Actually Did Instead of NOT Getting Married Before I was 29

Nine years ago, today actually, I got married at the age of twenty. Today I happened to click on a link to Justtaylord’s “24 Things to Do Instead of Getting Married Before You’re… Continue reading

New Years, More Goals, Results Always Mixed

I’ve never been the biggest fan of New Year’s resolutions, but the past few years I’ve found myself liking to make goals around this time. I suppose that is nearly the same thing.… Continue reading

Texas Hill Country With Dogs

When: Thanksgiving weekend, 2013. Who: Me, Thom, Meeka the eight year old dachshund, Echo the Malamute/pit bull (in her prime), Vega the giant Doberman puppy. Where we stayed: “Peace of Heaven” cabins, Vanderpool,… Continue reading

Rocket Dogs Baker Platform Sneakers – The Evil Shoes

  I’ve bought Rocket Dogs obsessively for almost ten years now. I’ve probably had fifteen different pairs, a lot of Joint canvas, and various others.   I even post things like this to… Continue reading

Recipe: Icepocalypse Eggs (Eggs in the fireplace)

1. Wait for the one time per year when Dallas is immobilized by ice. 2. Light a fire, put all your food outside in the ice, and generally stabilize the situation. 3. Find… Continue reading

Rika Confesses to Home Hair Color – Slight Ombre Dark Blonde with Wella Color Charm

If you are a hairstylist.. you may want to avert your eyes. Despite past disasters, I colored my hair myself. My hairstylist just moved away, and at my last appointment, I had her… Continue reading

16 MORE Hairstyles With a Side Shave – Buns and Stuff

Because we all know you guys only care about my hair. Actually, its pretty much statistically proven. Every day my older post 13 Hairstyles With A Side Shave gets more views than any other… Continue reading