Video Game Visibility Project: WoW, Abyss Odyssey, Nights, Free Games, FFXIV, also a Podcast

I’ve been letting myself get behind on the Video Game Visibility Project, in part because I wanted to get my PlayDiary Yuna post up first, and it took longer than expected. Much as… Continue reading

PlayDiary: FFX and a New Lease on Yuna

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X lately, on Vita, slowly, in intermittent pieces, mostly on planes. In between the waves of “holy shit this looks so good!”, I’ve been surprised by how unfamiliar… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Quakecon Headset, Received as Gift

Here’s the first “received as gift” edition of the Video Game Visibility Project: a Quakecon 2014 headset. This year was the first Quakecon I’ve missed since 2009 (We had bought Forecastle Festival tickets… Continue reading

Giveaway Winners Announcement + Video Game Visibility Project: Humble Jumbo 2

My 100 followers giveaway has ended, and prizes have been delivered. Alan won the Square Enix Bundle; Shadi and Mohamed each won a copy of Forge, and Luna won the surprise late addition… Continue reading

Places, Names, and Clothes: Late August Grunge

Just me; just wore it to work. YRU Cute To The Core shoes from ASOS; Gap jeans from EBay; fox tank top from Dowdy Studio in Dallas; paid shirt sewn/designed by me. Nail… Continue reading

YouTube Community? Wish I Felt It.

YouTube. I want to like you. I think I like you. I do like YouTube. But I have reoccurring pangs of disappointment about it. I’ve always had this vision, of a YouTube community… Continue reading

100 Followers Video Game Giveaway! Get a Humble Bundle!

UPDATED: New prizes added! See Below. A few days ago, my blog hit 100 followers on WordPress! This may not be a big deal in the overall scheme of things, but its kind… Continue reading

Festival Fashion at Forecastle Festival, Louisville KY

Festival snaps from Forecastle Festival in Louisville (Loo-a-vull) Kentucky…                                                … Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster on PS Vita – Purchasing Gamer Girl Power

This year on my (30th) birthday, I promised myself that I would post a picture of myself with every gaming related purchase I make this year, along with a few details. The point… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project: Pixel Creature Hats

I’m in Louisville for Forecastle Festival right now, but before I make myself a liar, I need to make a post on these video game related hats I got at Screwattack Gaming Convention.… Continue reading