We Are #NotAllAnitaSarkeesian; Alternate Title: Bayonetta’s Butterfly Girlie Bomb

Anita Sarkeesian routinely says one thing at least that I agree with: that it is possible to find something problematic, yet still enjoy it. I’ve searched my soul, and I really don’t think… Continue reading

PlayDiary: Evie Belin, Sick Fuck of New Vegas

(You don’t always get the option that you wanted most, the one that fits your idea of what your character is. Sometimes all you get is the options you are left with.) Evie… Continue reading

Anyplace Glamorous : Walking in New York, Thai Grill and Sushi

So I admit, New York actually is glamorous. The Anyplace Glamorous category was invented for places that have “found” glamour. Or maybe created. But I’m going to let this one through for some… Continue reading

PlayDiary: Loosely, on MMOs and My Disconnection

I have trouble feeling connected to things. In individual instances I want to blame the things I can’t connect to, but history shows me that it’s probably me. A couple of weeks ago… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project: WoW, Abyss Odyssey, Nights, Free Games, FFXIV, also a Podcast

I’ve been letting myself get behind on the Video Game Visibility Project, in part because I wanted to get my PlayDiary Yuna post up first, and it took longer than expected. Much as… Continue reading

PlayDiary: FFX and a New Lease on Yuna

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X lately, on Vita, slowly, in intermittent pieces, mostly on planes. In between the waves of “holy shit this looks so good!”, I’ve been surprised by how unfamiliar… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Quakecon Headset, Received as Gift

Here’s the first “received as gift” edition of the Video Game Visibility Project: a Quakecon 2014 headset. This year was the first Quakecon I’ve missed since 2009 (We had bought Forecastle Festival tickets… Continue reading

Giveaway Winners Announcement + Video Game Visibility Project: Humble Jumbo 2

My 100 followers giveaway has ended, and prizes have been delivered. Alan won the Square Enix Bundle; Shadi and Mohamed each won a copy of Forge, and Luna won the surprise late addition… Continue reading

Places, Names, and Clothes: Late August Grunge

Just me; just wore it to work. YRU Cute To The Core shoes from ASOS; Gap jeans from EBay; fox tank top from Dowdy Studio in Dallas; paid shirt sewn/designed by me. Nail… Continue reading

YouTube Community? Wish I Felt It.

YouTube. I want to like you. I think I like you. I do like YouTube. But I have reoccurring pangs of disappointment about it. I’ve always had this vision, of a YouTube community… Continue reading