YouTube Community? Wish I Felt It.

YouTube. I want to like you. I think I like you. I do like YouTube. But I have reoccurring pangs of disappointment about it. I’ve always had this vision, of a YouTube community… Continue reading

100 Followers Video Game Giveaway! Get a Humble Bundle!

UPDATED: New prizes added! See Below. A few days ago, my blog hit 100 followers on WordPress! This may not be a big deal in the overall scheme of things, but its kind… Continue reading

Festival Fashion at Forecastle Festival, Louisville KY

Festival snaps from Forecastle Festival in Louisville (Loo-a-vull) Kentucky…                                                … Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project – Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster on PS Vita – Purchasing Gamer Girl Power

This year on my (30th) birthday, I promised myself that I would post a picture of myself with every gaming related purchase I make this year, along with a few details. The point… Continue reading

Video Game Visibility Project: Pixel Creature Hats

I’m in Louisville for Forecastle Festival right now, but before I make myself a liar, I need to make a post on these video game related hats I got at Screwattack Gaming Convention.… Continue reading

Purchasing Gamer Girl Power – or – Video Game Visibility Project

    Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 30. And here is a picture of me buying a Playstation Plus card. (Or rather, bringing it home.) I’m not much for New Years resolutions.… Continue reading

Suburbia Festival Street Style & Experience Video

Ever wonder what its like to be at Suburbia Music Festival? Crank the heat up to 90, then watch this video. Also enjoy some pictures of people in clothes.  

Suburbia Music Festival 2014 Photo Blog/Experience Post

These are the pictures that someday kids look at, and conclude that they were born too late, and missed the days when everything was wild and free. Just like those photos of my… Continue reading

Good Design, Even When It’s Not For Me

  Getting my degree did about two important things for me. The second of these is that school instilled in me a respect for design that transcends my own taste. Sometimes I have… Continue reading

The Anti-Anti List for February 19, 2014

The other day I listened to Beck’s new album. I was obsessed with Beck circa age 15. I lost touch a little in the Midnight Vultures era, but later realized that I get… Continue reading